2nd Swing Golf

2nd Swing Golf needed a design for their 9500 square feet of retail space filled with displays for golf clubs, golf accessories, build and repair counters, and point of sale/customer service counters. One of the major challenges was creating displays to hold the maximum amount of golf clubs in an efficient footprint while remaining visually appealing and easy to browse. 2nd Swing Golf also required flexibility for merchandising and the ability to move displays as needed.

We designed the driver displays to be 3’ wide x 6’ long at a 45 degree angle creating two top faces. Each face display holds the clubs at a 45 degree angle. The club handles criss cross each other inside the unit to utilize all the available display space and casters allow the store staff to easily rearrange the layout.

The final project included large driver displays, iron cut displays, spinning golf accessory fixtures, mobile display fixtures, and slatwall along with wall shelving, wall cap and trim, large point of sale counters, office desks, cabinetry, and millwork.

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