Baker Center

Baker Center is a multi-story office complex in downtown Minneapolis, MN. With a new two-story entry lobby, several lounges, and updated corridors, the elegant building is the culmination of expertise of hard work.

Distinctive Cabinet Design used our knowledge, experiences, and creativity to draft and construct the multiple types of custom architectural millwork that ultimately exceeded the standards and design intent for the client. RSP Architects had a unique vision for the wall and ceiling panels in the impressive two-story lobby. The wall and ceiling panels were made from Teak in a quarter sawn cut. The grain pattern and reveals were specific for the panels. We also fabricated custom painted three dimensional wall panels for a feature wall in the concierge area.

Partnering with Gardner Builders, a general contractor we’ve worked with since 2011, helped with the project. Highlights of the build include quarter sawn teak wall panels, painted 3D wall panels, reception desks, benches, slatwall for display, service counters, solid surface window sills and countertops, plastic laminate cabinets, and quartz countertops.

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